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For all documents which need
Verification and Validation

Our Idea

CertificateX is a Blockchain based Certificate-to-everything (C2X) platform. It engages with the idea of providing verifiable, tamper - proof solution for certificates and documents. Our aim is to guarantee a life time of convenient and secure certification which is transparent and sustainable.



Active User Certificate.



Verified block


Document verification challenges

  • Prone to forgery and damage
  • Fear of losing certificates/documents
  • Difficult to keep track of documents
  • Lack of security
  • No efficient mechanism to authenticate Certificates/degree

Fully Customizable

Select from the existing template of your choice and edit as per your requirement.

Bulk Data Processing

Upload data to the Blockchain and generate a cryptographic hash of every document.

Bulk certificates download

Download zip or Public URL for all documents with Instant verification based on QR/Barcode.


Why Choose CertificateX ?

Our C2X platform provides Blockchain enabled certificate on one - click.

We offer opportunity to individuals and organisations to store their documents through hashing and timestamping.

The documents are stored on a distributed ledger for easier and faster accessibility.

CertificateX is a safe and secure service which offers validating and verifying the proof of existence of any document.

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How CertificateX & Blockchain revolutionize
the World of Education Technology.

Main Features

  • No fake certificates can be fabricated in the name of the issuer.
  • Certificates can be instantly verified from anywhere around the planet.
  • Value of the certificate will be increased. This is beneficial for universities as well as for students.
  • Overall reputation of the organization will be increased.
  • Benefits for the students.
  • No need to carry paper certificates for interview and while travelling.
  • No worries of losing certificates.
  • No need for third party authentication of certificates.

Service Points

Access on any device

CertificateX works on any device - Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

Online Dashboard

Detailed information and status of current work is always available.

Instant Validation

Anyone can instantly validate the documents using QR code scanner.

Support System

We have 5-stars rated online support system working 24 hours 7 day in a week.


All data stored on distributed Blockhain with end to end encryption algorithm.


Once issued, the information on the document is sealed and cannot be tampered.

Roadmap 2020-2021

Proof of Authority consensus

( 1st Quarter, 2020 )

Certificate X supports Hyperledger Besu functionalities such as smart contract and Private Network deployment.

Permissioned Blockchain

( 2nd Quarter, 2020 )

CertificateX allow to choose between different private Blockchain and support multiple customization options.

Network Architecting

( 3rd Quarter, 2020 )

CertificateX allow to choose between different public private Blockchain

Interoperable Format

( 1st Quarter, 2021 )

Interoperable FormatVerifiable Claims are interoperable format for exchange of digital identity attributes and relationships currently in the standardization pipeline at the W3C.

Intergration with Multiple LMS

( 3rd Quarter, 2021 )

Our standard API can be integrated in different LMS platforms like OpenedX or Moodle, amongst others.